Our Investment Philosophy

At Ascendancy Financial Group, we strongly believe in delivering exceptional client service through a team dedicated to investment management, rather than a single individual trying to handle every advisory duty. The result—a different client approach, philosophy and, often, a different outcome.  


Through our own extensive research and that provided by our strategic partners, we evaluate asset managers on their philosophy, process and performance, and we review many respected sources of quantitative screening and analysis throughout our portfolio selection process.


We will use actively managed mutual funds and exchange-traded funds when we've identified “best of breed” active managers that we believe can outperform comparable index funds on a risk-adjusted basis. We prefer mutual funds for asset classes that comprise less-efficient areas of the market. The higher expense ratio of the actively managed funds may be justified by their opportunity to outperform comparable ETFs or index mutual funds. We, however, use ETFs for asset classes that are efficient, because keeping portfolio costs low is very important.


Our investing principles remove the emotion from the buying and selling process by having a defined objective. But, even more important, we believe investment success requires a deep understanding of your own values and beliefs about money, as well as sensitivity to your comfort level with risk over a long period of time. We will focus on achieving your long-term growth objectives through disciplined, conservative strategies designed to produce consistent growth, while limiting your exposure to the negative effects of market volatility and downturns in the economic cycle.