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Sandy  Daus

Sandy Daus

Director of Operations & Planning

I started my career in television where I truly learned how to thrive the fast paced and extremely efficient workplace that is Martha Stewart Omnimedia. The skills that I cultivated with Martha would set the tone for my work ethics and successes that they have brought me.

I have extensive knowledge in fashion as an editorial assistant where I witnessed NY Fashion Week, styled outfits and costumes for television and independent films and as a well-trained salesperson and manager for the prestigious customer service retailer, Nordstrom.

My passion for what was trendy on Seventh Avenue shifted to what was hot on the menu, where food and lifestyle became my focus.

This led me to Whole Foods Market, which is the leader of natural products and service standards with a genuine focus and culture of training and growth. In this environment of shared culture and goals, I have advanced my own career and the evolution of Whole Foods Market.

Working in retail for over ten years has been my platform to express my passion, creativity, innovation, and growth as a successful businessperson.

As the Director of Operations & Planning, I provide excellent value and service to our team and clients. It is the best opportunity to utilize all my skills and passion to ensure our mutual growth.

*Discloser – Sandy Daus offers support to our registered representatives but is not licensed to offer securities, investment advisory services or insurance in any state.